• Our Founder

    Principal, Senior Software Architect, and API Engineering Expert Specializing in Scalable Microservice Architectures.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

His multifaceted vision of simplicity for the client and mastery via focused work for the independent consultant creates a new kind of practice, and a new approach to engineering software products. Al Newkirk believes that client success begins with the ability to deploy mastery on-demand, which is why we're building a network of independent senior-level software engineers and investing from within.

Meet Al Newkirk

Senior software engineer, Al Newkirk, brings more than 20 years of professional software engineering experience to the company. Having worked under major tech brands like Weebly, Tilt, Level, and Rent.com, Al lends his expertise in complex problem-solving and decision making to every project while transforming his intricate ideas into simple language for clients. It was this delicate balance of technical expertise and business acumen that convinced Al, having received many testimonials in that regard, to go into software consulting and ultimately towards establishing a distributed software consulting firm.

The Bigger Picture

Having had an illustrious career in software development, Al's mission for this company is to empower independent software engineers, form a collective, and make that resource available to clients looking to harness software engineering mastery. "I believe that specializing is the best path to fulfill the three basic psychological needs, which are Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness. This is why I've created an organization which allows independent software consultants to specialize and develop mastery, and through that do great focused work." Al is building a network of independent software consultants specialized in a variety of disciplines to create a robust experienced company that thrives on diversity, creativity, and opportunity.