• Our Products

    We're building software solutions for ourselves and others. Building our own products makes us better at building products for our clients.

We're passionate about software engineering and product design and more so about developing the right thing right, so before bringing each product to market we ask ourselves: "does this product create value for its users?"

Products In-Progress


Database migrations as a service, Migrator allows users to create relational database schema migrations in a language agnostic way, and apply those migrations to various database targets in your data center or ours.


Accessor is your database access layer and object-relational mapper as a service. It allows it's users to create, read, update, delete, and search (i.e. list and query) objects in various database targets.


Imagine receiving HTTP callbacks whenever specific data access events happen. Subscriber offers subscriptions as a service, allowing users to get event notifications via webhook when specific operations occur.