• Mobile Apps

    We help our clients design, develop, and launch mobile applications using a client/server architecure and scalable backend services.

We are passionate creatives and mobile application engineers, which expertise across platforms. Whether we're using platform-agnostic frameworks or engineering with platform-specific languages and tools, we make mobile app development simple.

Enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs, and consumers alike are looking for mobile-first technology solutions, and looking to provide them instantly and with easy access across multiple devices. Internet-of-Things, wearables, mobile-commerce and more, are the future and we can help you get there first.

Native User-Interface

We can leverage platform-agnostic UI frameworks or design specifically for the device platform we're targeting. Our engineers can accommodate either preference and this consideration does not constrain the ability of our UI designers.

Client/Server Architecture

We use a client/server architecture to separate business concerns, especially the business logic from the user interfaces, allowing multiple clients to consume resources provided by the server. This is the standard architecture for multi-device products.

Collaborative Process

We include our clients in every step of the development process with complete transparency. Our network of professional and highly-skilled consultants will serve as a wellspring of knowledge, advising on and educating clients about design decisions as well as technical implementation.



for new clients

Schedule a consultation where we'll discuss your project goals and begin modeling concepts and workflows.

Project Planning

First, we'll discuss your project needs, including your development timeline and engineering budget, as well as your deployment and maintenance expectations.

Data Modeling*

If time permits, or in subsequent consulting sessions, we'll begin to collaboratively model your project's concepts, entities, behaviors, rules, and workflows.

Engineering Management

Finally, we'll consider the needs of the team, i.e. project scope, technology expertise, infrastructure needs, management, monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Technology Stack

Next, we'll recommend, qualify, and document, the technology choices needed for the project's successful implementation, which will guide future development.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application, typically referred to as an app, is a type of software application specifically designed to run on a particular mobile device or mobile device platform, such as a tablet computer, smart-phone, smart-watch or smart TV. It's common for mobile applications to be design using a client/server architecture, which moves the application's business logic out of the mobile application and onto a remote server which the application access when necessary.

The Benefit of Mobile Applications

Most mobile application platforms, e.g. iOS or Android, provides a plethora of information and functionality which the application can use to enrich the user's experience. Geo-location data, contact lists, notifications and preferences are just a few examples. Perhaps the most important benefit of developing native mobile applications is the fact that it's now culturally normal for everyone to have a mobile device on their person at all times, making installed mobile apps ever-present.