• Interactive Bots

    We engineer bots with conversational user-interfaces (chatbots) allowing clients to engage customers more naturally.

We use bots ourselves, in Slack, on IRC, and even at the command-line, as a relatively low-cost way of performing business operations and querying our systems for information. We work with bots every day and can put bots to work for you too.

Using chatbots can be a lot cheaper than hiring additional customer support staff or purchasing robust support solutions. In fact, there are chatbot platforms that you can build atop to get started with loads of functionality built-in. Bots can even be programmed to have a personality which can make them more human-like, something that we take full advantage of internally.

Collaborative Process

We include our clients in every step of the development process with complete transparency. Our network of professional and highly-skilled consultants will serve as a wellspring of knowledge, advising on and educating clients about design decisions as well as technical implementation.

Client/Server Architecture

We use a client/server architecture to separate business concerns, especially the business logic from the user interfaces, allowing multiple clients to consume resources provided by the server. This is the standard architecture for multi-device products.

Role-Based Access-Control

We establish RBAC (role-based access control) to ensure that individual users can only perform operations for which their role within the system will allow. This form of access-control provides the standard level of permission granularity for most systems.



for new clients

Schedule a consultation where we'll discuss your project goals and begin modeling concepts and workflows.

Project Planning

First, we'll discuss your project needs, including your development timeline and engineering budget, as well as your deployment and maintenance expectations.

Data Modeling*

If time permits, or in subsequent consulting sessions, we'll begin to collaboratively model your project's concepts, entities, behaviors, rules, and workflows.

Engineering Management

Finally, we'll consider the needs of the team, i.e. project scope, technology expertise, infrastructure needs, management, monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Technology Stack

Next, we'll recommend, qualify, and document, the technology choices needed for the project's successful implementation, which will guide future development.

Interactive Bots

Put simply, a bot, conversational app or chatbot, is a software application that simulates a conversation with human users using mostly text, and on the software-side in more sophisticated implementations, natural language processing. A bot provides a simple user interface, simple text input most commonly, and performs some operations based on the request deduced from the input. Natural language processing is the practice of deriving instructions or intent from human (natural) language input.

The Benefit of Interactive Bots

Since chatbots don't require a complex user interface they are really good software solutions for businesses looking to save development time and money while presenting a very human interface to their customers. Those customers ask the bot question which may or may not elicit a response, but either way, the query itself can provide insight into what customers are concerned about. Chatbots, given their conversational nature, is a great way to demonstrate a business' personality.