• GraphQL APIs

    We engineer GraphQL APIs with a microservice architecture, using JWT for authentication as well as other standards and best practices.

We're experts in engineering and scaling GraphQL APIs using various server implementations and data stores. With experience using the schema definition language to define sophisticated business concepts, we want to help you leverage this cool new technology.

GraphQL is an exciting new technology in the API space, touted for its ease of implementation and operation, as well as the simplicity in defining the API contract. Our engineering team can show you how to take full advantage of the benefits in offering a GraphQL API.

Collaborative Process

We include our clients in every step of the development process with complete transparency. Our network of professional and highly-skilled consultants will serve as a wellspring of knowledge, advising on and educating clients about design decisions as well as technical implementation.

Microservice Architecture

We use a microservice architecture in software products where it's understood from the start that scalability is a prerequisite. We leverage the twelve-factor methodology, using containerization, and a "do one thing well, and scale" approach.

12 Factor Approach

We follow the twelve-factor methodology for structuring software applications for maximum portability between execution environments. This includes using containerization, attaching the configuration to the environment, and treating logs as event streams.



for new clients

Schedule a consultation where we'll discuss your project goals and begin modeling concepts and workflows.

Project Planning

First, we'll discuss your project needs, including your development timeline and engineering budget, as well as your deployment and maintenance expectations.

Data Modeling*

If time permits, or in subsequent consulting sessions, we'll begin to collaboratively model your project's concepts, entities, behaviors, rules, and workflows.

Engineering Management

Finally, we'll consider the needs of the team, i.e. project scope, technology expertise, infrastructure needs, management, monitoring, maintenance, etc.

Technology Stack

Next, we'll recommend, qualify, and document, the technology choices needed for the project's successful implementation, which will guide future development.

GraphQL APIs

GraphQL is an API specification, query language, and a runtime, initially developed by Facebook, that allows users to fetch data from multiple resources using a single request. GraphQL does remote procedure calls with some preprocessing, and as such is technically an RPC API which is one of the earliest, simplest forms of API interaction. GraphQL gives its clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and makes it easy to evolve APIs over time.

The Benefit of GraphQL APIs

Return a rich ad-hoc dataset with a single query, from multiple sources, returning the data in the shape that it was queried in. That's the main feature. GraphQL also provides a type system that makes defining the API and validating the data input and output easy. Another important aspect of GraphQL is its hierarchical nature. GraphQL naturally follows relationships between objects, where a RESTful service may require multiple round-trips. Finally, the API server can be queried for the types it supports making the system introspective.