• Our Vision

    We want to build the greatest most autonomous technology company in the world, with the best and brightest minds.

For Mastery, Go Deeper, Not Wider

Our vision is to become a collective of experienced and accomplished software engineers and knowledge workers, working together to build better software, faster, by fostering expertise and creating an environment which allows our individual contributors to specialize. We believe that this produces more innovation with fewer issues, tighter feedback loops, faster execution, and high-functioning teams.

Our Purpose

It is our mission and purpose, to provide a platform and marketplace where independent software engineers, architects, and other knowledge workers can flourish, with the ability to specialize and grow alongside other experts in their niche, build relationships, and achieve true work/life balance and fulfillment.

Our Big Vision

We believe it takes mastery and diversity to create the technologies that will shape our future, which is why we're on a mission to become an organization rich in creativity, discipline, skill, and experience as it pertains to software product development. We're building a network of expert knowledge workers, e.g. executives, engineers, developers, designers, administrators, project managers, etc, that focus on doing what they do best and giving our clients the best experience, faster feedback, and a final product that exceed their expectations.

The Balance of Art and Science

Software is forever changing, i.e. how it functions, how we use it, and how it improves our business and personal lives. And with this evolution comes a need to change how it's created. Developing software is both an art and science, and every project deserves the right amount of each. This is where many software development companies fall short, as they typically focus on one or the other without striking the ideal balance. We think it's time to change this process. Our new approach to software development is designed to fill the gaps left behind by other companies so that success comes as a natural by-product.