• What We Do

    We help our clients build better software, faster, using agile project management and design-by-contract API-first development.

First, we work to understand our client's goals and how we can help achieve them.

During our initial consultations and information gathering sessions, we'll identify the project requirements and collaborate with the project stakeholders on a plan of actions.

Then, we create the workflows, build the software models and roadmap, and activate any resources required.

Once the project goals are well understood, we'll begin establishing the domain language, entity descriptions, logic, workflows, and behaviors, documented as diagrams, signed-off on by stakeholders.

Finally, we iteratively deliver usable software based on feedback from our clients and their customers.

With our software application model, diagrams, and business logic written-up as users stories in our project backlog, we'll begin sprinting and iteratively shipping software as directed by the stakeholders.